Throwback Thursday: This week’s selection for Throwback Thursday is Killer Instinct in light of the fighting game’s long demanded return to consoles being answered on Monday during Microsoft’s E3 press conference.  I rememer playing this game in arcades as the fighting genre was blowing up all over the world & the title ended up making it’s way to the SNES in 1995.

It was a standard 2D fighter that featured fighters with a double health bar and when one was depleted, it served as a ‘round’ however, the other character kept what remained of their health bar during the second stage of the fight.  At the time, games like Street Fighter & Mortal Kombat were very popular and as a result, Killer Instinct featured toned down “No Mercy” finishing moves that could be executed when a character’s life bar was flashing red.

The game also featured Humiliation moves, Ultra Combos, C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKERS and an incredibly diverse roster of characters.  I had a lot of fun with this title and this was released in an era when extra costumes and whatnot were unlocked through skill in the game and not  by plunking down extra $ via DLC packs like they are now.  The game also received a sequel which was ported to the N64 under the name of Killer Instinct: Gold and Microsoft has announced that Killer Instinct 3 will be a free 2 play title coming to the Xbox One.